About Me

"Experience is what you get while looking for something else" - Federico Fellini 

I was born in Rome (IT) in 1984. I’ve always been a shy kid and I guessed that’s because I was kind of amazed and at the same frightened by how colorful the world looked around me. I changed growing up, I became more social and friendly but the view did not turn to black and white. I think the center of my interest has always been people and that was what pulled me out of my shell. 

I wrote my first novel, if we can call it so, when I was twelve. I used my Aunt’s old typewriter. I don’t remember much about it but definitely it started with “It was a cold rainy day…”. I think that stayed… the fascination for mysterious and dark stories more than light and uplifting things. A factor in it might be also my aunt, an ancient literature teacher who used to live with us. She used to read me Greek Mythology to sleep. Not really like Teletubbies… 

I come from a family of scientists. I love my family a lot and it took me some time to realize that my career path will not go in that direction. However, my father was the biggest influence for me to get into films. When I was a kid we would sit after dinner and watch a movie, almost every evening. He introduced me to directors that now are amongst my favourites when I was still pretty young, Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone and Luc Besson above others.

At the University I started with Philosophy to go then more and more in the direction of Mass Communication while in parallel studying music in a private academy. I ended up getting a Doctorate in Cognitive Linguistics with a focus on Mass Media and Communications.

I started working in a Creative Agency while still studying.  I did research in UC Berkeley (Yes is kind of cool) and UCSD (San Diego) and after that I went to work for a company that worked on projects funded by the European Union. I was hired to basically start the creative department of the company and of course, I wrote a project that included technology and film.

It was a project aimed at using 3D videos to create a repository of movements that could be used for animations and films of all kinds. For this project I went to Amsterdam a couple of times to follow the production process. I had to oversee a huge production with 15 cameras in a 200mq studio and I loved it so much that I decided that I wanted to move to Amsterdam and focus more on films.

When I moved to Amsterdam I found a job in a Multinational Media Company working on digital content. As Creative Producer I had the freedom to create formats and series for the company and coordinate teams located worldwide to make it happen. That was a great opportunity to learn, meeting a lot of creative like-minded people and build my network. I produced more than 200 short documentaries and took part in long-form productions both as producer and also as freelance Music Composer. Having a music education and experience in the field turned out to be a great asset both where it comes to making a film and when making the music for it.

I am currently working on a big production as Music Composer, directing a short film and working as a Creative Producer and Filmmaker on several documentaries for institution such as Anne Frank House, Borussia Dortmund, Feyenoord FC, Fare Network and EU-Russia Civil Society Forum. I get to hire my production team and produce and direct several films about amazing and universal topics with a strong social impact.

I am always on the lookout for new exciting projects so feel free to drop me a line if you want to collaborate.