I did research on mass media and audiovisual communication. I studied how people process information and how narratives have been built culturally and biologically. Take a look at some of my work.

Mass Communication and Cognitive Science

In recent times the Cognitive and Mind Sciences have enlightened certain cognitive mechanisms that push to further discuss the traditional distinction between Rationality and Passion, converging with the Political and Social Sciences in Underlying that the Rational Actor Model is not adapt to explain certain phenomena of Mass Communication that permeates Contemporary Society. Conceptual Metaphors, Frames and Cultural Narratives are at the centre of the debate on communication in the United States and now they have taken hold also in our Country. The book presents an overview of the most recent discoveries on decision making and language understanding and present an innovative model of analysis produced from the integration of studies coming from the Cognitive Science, Language Processing and the Political and Social Sciences. Enrich the volume, studies of statistical relevance on the Italian election in 2013 and recent examples taken from Trump’s electoral Campaign and the analysis of the communication strategies used by the terrorist organization ISIS.

Crime is a Virus: Political Decision-Making and Metaphorical systems

Political Communication has not to do with “Rational Voters” but, to quote a well-known political expert, with “Reasoning Voters” and it is by looking in depth into the reasoning process that we can better understand the ongoing processes that characterized politics in the last decades. In the present article, after a first section in which we will present some of the latest results in Cognitive Science we will make use of a model of analysis to investigate a case-study taken from the Italian Politics, the framing of “Crime” by the Major of Rome Alemanno in relation to the ones of his opponents in response to a number of crimes that occurred in a short period of time in the city of Rome, discussing the relationship between Communication, Cognition and Politics.