I am currently writing and directing several films for amazing institutions

Take a look below to see some of my current projects

Changing The Chants

I am writing and directing a documentary about anti-semitism in football commissioned by a consortium composed by Anne Frank House, Borussia Dortmund, Feyenoord and Fare Network.

  • Role: Creative Producer/Filmmaker
  • Period: Dec 2019 - Ongoing
  • Status: Pre-production
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Filming Locations: Dortmund (DE), Rotterdam (NL), Amsterdam (NL), TBD
  • Client: Borussia Dortmund
2020-03-05 15.55.15

Changing the Chants

Different Wars

I am writing and directing a short documentary about remembrance of WWII funded by EU-Civil Russia Society Forum

  • Role: Creative Producer/Filmmaker
  • Period: Oct 2019 - March 2020
  • Status: Completed
  • Duration: 10 minuts
  • Filming Locations: Berlin (DE), Gdansk (PL), Moscow (RU)
  • Client: EU-Russia Civil Society Forum
Screenshot 2020-02-16 at 14.30.13

Different Wars

Football Makes History

I am writing and directing a series of short documentaries about inspiring people who contributed to make a change in society through football.

  • Role: Creative Producer/Filmmaker
  • Period: June 2019 - Ongoing
  • Status: Production
  • Duration: 5 documentaries of 3-6 minutes
  • Filming Locations: Harhus (DK), Milan (IT), Den Haag (NL), Amsterdam (NL)
  • Client: Euroclio - European Association of History Educators

Football Makes History